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HeartSpace Wellness Studio

HeartSpace Wellness Studio works to create spaces that feel unique, supportive, and welcoming for everyone involved, from the clients we work with and our expert team of creative arts therapists to the organizations we partner with and serve.

Mission & Values

At HeartSpace Wellness Studio, we believe that the philosophies behind art and creativity, mindfulness and compassion, are at the heart of any path to growth and healing. It is our intention then to walk with individuals while experiencing life’s difficulties, to illustrate how to use these tools along the way, and ultimately to help individuals tap into their own insights and wisdom to be able to live as fully as possible within the circumstances of the moment.

To do this, we feel that every interaction should begin and end with the following values:

Compassion & Kindness
Creating welcoming spaces that offer comfort, care, and support.

Authenticity & Inclusivity
Creating spaces where individuals feel safe to explore, express, and be their true selves.

Collaboration & Healthy Communication
Creating spaces for open communication where therapists and clients work together to meet their unique needs for healing.

Growth & Innovation
Creating spaces for continued learning, new ideas, and evolving best practices.

Integrity & Quality
Creating spaces that offer the highest quality of service in art therapy, mindfulness, & yoga.

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